Yes, You Can Innovate. Discover your innovation strengths and develop your creative potential

We are delighted to invite you to a workshop with Natalie Turner, author of "Yes you can innovate". Discover your innovation strengths and develop your creative potential by innovation specialist Natalie Turner.  Yes you can innovate, is a practical guide that will help you improve your ability to create value out of new ideas and is based on the unique model and assessment tools invented by Natalie called The Six 'I's ® of Innovation

Date:Thursday, September 19th, 2019.

Time: 13 - 17 pm

Place: Kantar Sifo, Vasagatan 11, Stockholm.

Price: 995 SEK ex VAT (inclusive the book and your individual innovation profile)

In this workshop you will have the opportunity to explore some of the book's key themes in a highly interactive and experiential activity into the 6 'I's® of Innovation, the model Natalie designed to help people create ideas and make them work.

You will also:

  • Discover your innovation strengths (as perceived by you) across the 6 'I's®
  • Learn what skills are important to your role right now and how you might be underplaying or overplaying your strengths
  • Experience a new Model that integrates the dimensions of innovation culture, process, skills and mindsets and provides a guide map for making innovation practical and PURPOSE driven
  • Generate new ideas for how you can build an innovative team or corporate culture
  • Meet new people, gain fresh inspiration and energy and feel a renewed sense of personal PURPOSE

After you have registered, we will send you a link to answer the 6 'I's® questionnaire and get your own 6 'I's profile. This will take about 10 minutes to complete.

For whom:

This workshop is for you if you are:

  • An individual that wants to discover your innovation strengths so that you can have more impact in how you contribute to making new ideas work

The workshop will be held in English. The number of seats is limited. First come first served. Register now!